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Gibs and Aries on their way to training

This was my 1st transport for and I am very well impressed!

Leslie confirmed the transport and provided every bit of information I could possibly need (and answered several questions that probably seemed a bit silly) We left early because we didn’t know how long it would take to get over to Donita’s house and arrived too early, so went to WalMart for a coffee and came back. We were on our way by 9:30 am. I called Mike when we were about 30 minutes out of Cottonwood. He got there a bit late (trouble getting his dogs at home collected). He picked Gibbs and Aires up by 1 pm and we were heading home. However, there was a bad accident on I-17 so the entire trip took about six hours (still not bad for a 281 mile round trip).

Aries (a small tan male) was a sweetheart… but Gibbs wanted me to know from the get-go that he is an attack dog. Gibbs had lived in Donita’s daughter’s bedroom for some time and it was really difficult for her to let him go. And there was NOTING Gibbs liked about this trip. But Mike spoke calmly, with confidence and immediately began to show Gibbs that life is going to be different – even before we left, the dog seemed calmer.

The trip was further than I had planned to be driving, but all in all, a good trip! Everyone I met along the way was great. Thank you for all you do to get these “kids” to loving families.


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