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Mia home for Christmas

Picked up a cutie – Mia – from Casey at 9 a.m., 12/3/2016. This long legged black/white female Chihuahua mix is an absolute doll (thanks to Foster Mom, Casey). Mia was curious and active at first but settled quickly in the seat beside me for a ride – watching out the window some and sleeping against the door at other times. Upon arrival, she investigated the PetSmart grounds and we settled in the warm car until others arrived. She snuggled with her nose buried in my arm and snoozed.

Mia is exceptional – calm but curious, no barking, house-trained, rides well in the car, walks proudly on leash (even “heels” on command) and who can resist a little gal who likes to snuggle. When I gave her a treat, she buried it under her towel/bed. . .so cute!

Mia’s photo shows her in her Christmas sweater – Surely hope she gets her forever home in time for Christmas!


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